Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Killer Whales in the PNW - Acrylic Painting by ARTIST: Kelly Kyle

Posted by Picasa Killer Whales in the PNW. This SOLD for $250.00 in 2009.
Who doesn't love the Orcas here in Puget Sound?  The LOCAL PNW Orca resident pods all have distinct markings on them and unique numbers and of course names too. In this painting, there is an adult male in the foreground with two females and a baby. They are all just swimming off into the sunset. A metaphor of life perhaps...but just the way I like it, in my world.

I was once on a whale watching boat, in the daytime, and the orcas did come this close, actually closer to our boat. It was an awesome experience, that I will not soon forget. Maybe that is why I love to paint them so frequently. This is one of eight I have done. All different, yet similar.

Do you love orcas like I do? Let me know why....at.... blondee7333@hotmail.com
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