Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Biltmore Inspirations - A product and legacy you can TRUST

Biltmore Inspirations: A New and wonderful way to decorate your home or office spaces. Think of the ohhs and ahhhs you will recieve by putting new and stylized products in your spaces. The name BILTMORE is a legacy of it's own. George Vanderbilt, started building his home and retreat in the Smokey Mountains in the 1890's. Today that same Biltmore Home Estate is the Largest private home in America, and stands for quality and respect. Click on this link above to see their story.

Biltmore INSPIRED things, like the wall scrolls from the custom garden gates, or the pisgah bowls and serving pieces from the Great Smokey Mts,  They certainly inspire!!!  How about the Bamboo Collection from the water lillies and the reflecting ponds on the Estate too. So much comes from the land and the inspirations of George and Edith Vanderbilt...and thier families. Come on a unique journey with me into their world. Come join me and my BILTMORE team "the Dyn-O-Mite DIVAS"...lets have some fun...and make money along the way.

There's so much we can all be proud of with the AMERICAN heritage of Biltmore, and the Vanderbilt family. I hope you will enjoy the peaceful settings of Biltmore. Look for the online catalog, click here to see and link of all the holiday gifts .  Think of special people who are looking for things like these, to decorate their walls and tabletops. Maybe you or a friend would like to book a party in your own home. Getting FREE items and hosting a get-away for girlfriends is fun and rewarding.

BE INSPIRED.....become a consultant and work from home, create your own way in the world with BILTMORE INSPIRATIONS....  go to my inspirational page to see more. www.biltmoreinspirationals.wordpress.com

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