Saturday, October 8, 2011

Creative ART by Kelly Sends out Cards

I have discovered a NEW way to stay in touch and send a card out to people. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT ...WHAT IT ISIT - is send out cards... a new way to get a card, customize it and send it, all from your office or computer, IPAd,  phone, etc.... AMAZING! This technology, and amazing business opportunity is right here waiting for you to use it. You can also send gifts, cookies, books, etc... no need to go out and run all over town, just do it all from home & on your computer.

SEND OUT CARDS is a multilevel business that is interesting enough for me to take a 2nd look at.  I can use my artwork on the cards to share & send to people. I met Linda Mitchell, my sponsor 4 years ago while we were in a networking group & I thought it was cool back then, but now it has morphed into a company that is on the right track. It is the next BIG "something" out there that I think & many others think, is going to be HUGE. Thanks Linda for showing me  SEND OUT CARDS.

Go to this website, TRY a FREE card....see how you like it. See if it is as easy as we say it is.... Click on the video & then click on the Red ENVELOPE.... to bring up a card for you to send....You get to choose from thousands of choices....GO FOR IT!....have fun, then let me know if you want more info.
THANKS!!  Kelly  425-765-5433 cell   or

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Virtual Vino Live

Check out local celebrities are saying about local wines. Also, get a discount on the wines you see here today. ENJOY!