Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

Christmas day has been delightful.....except no snow....I think it would have been PERFECT if we had that.....but ok...I'll not be too picky. So, heres a photo I like, of SNOW the Mts. So, we brought in the morning at midnight at the Christmas Eve Candlelight service at Bear Creek United Methodist was AWESOME....loved it and the people are wonderful. We sang carols and listened to the wonderful news of the baby Jesus....and the story. Our friends John, and joan from the Rousers joined us....making it more memorable.

Got up at 8am AM, made a pot of coffee, a quiche, and opened some presents with our friend Joan. Ate breakfast....enjoyed lots of good conversation. Joan and I did  "hair day". I dyed her hair. Looks great. 

A couple hours before dinner we had wines, cheeses, crackers, olives, sliced meats....preshuido and salami...  and 2 RIP-Roarin' games of Scrabble.... Really fun! Our youngest (Steven) called to wish us a happy day from California, and Merry Christmas... Thanks....

Then we cleared the table....set it for 5.  Ian (our oldest) and Erika, Joanie, Gordon and I .... we set the table of mild elegance....and took the meat out of the oven. PERFECTION! Made the augrautin potatoes...boiled the lobsters.... and we sat down to a most enjoyable FEAST of FEASTS!!!! Dinner of Prime Rib, Lobster and Augrautin potatoes, Sparkly cider and Asti Spumanti....bubbly to wash it all down. YUM-O. Absolutely NO room for veggies or anything else! PERFECT!

A few presents.....and lots of fun, photos and laughter along the way....on a scale of 1-10...definatley an 12! Here's hoping yours was successful and memorable. Happiness and cheer to you, from our home to yours.

Hugs and kisses,

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