Friday, October 29, 2010

My First Post with Creative ART by Kelly

This is my first posting from my new Blog....Creative ART by Kelly.
I invite you to learn more about me and why I LOVE ART.  Art is the glue that holds me together. I have to create things...quilts, photographs, paintings, and more. I think it is crafting taken to a larger level. So I invite you to come with me on this journey of self discovery.

Let's experience ART together:  What do YOU see...???
The photo here is an azalea in my yard. It caught my eye this spring because of the beautiful colors I saw coming out of it. When you look deeper into the flowers you see 4 -5 colors. Pink, blush, magenta, wine, etc...etc... Then you see the same thing in all the greens, browns, golden tones...RICH, fun....exciting. A photo like this makes me want to use all these colors in something fun. THAT painting is yet to emerge from within me...but it will come. I am getting the urge to paint...right now as I write this. See you later on more BLOG the future. I will post painting, quilts photos, etc..all things I love to create.

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