Sunday, October 31, 2010

"It is well with my soul"

7am Sunrise over Ames Lake.... Redmond, Wa.
 Feb 2010...  8x10 Framed $85.00
Sunrises...Sunsets......why do we love them? it because of old westerns, & riding off into them makes us feel like all is grand....or that so many colors are represented in their palets? or that we just are in awe of seeing them magically apear & disapear?... whatever the reason, I just LOVE them. There is nothing more photographed in all the world as a sunset or sunrise picture. I know this because my husband & I worked in a photo lab & saw the gazillions of photos of them that came through over the I know I am in good company out there. It is clear to me we all love these kinds of images. "It is well with my soul" can be puchased in a nice frame of your choice for only 85.00. I created this from God's work....I think it is perfect. You can email me at  for more info.

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