Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Favorite painting so far....

Here is MY favorite painting, I did in 2007, I have created so far. I love the subtle huges in the trees and grasses. The house is so inviting too. Someplace I would live or visit. I painted this with just a picture of PEACE in my head. No pre-concieved notions....or places. I could be anywhere, on any autumn day.

I guess I should paint like this more often, as it produced a wonderful result. Ever have one of those days when it ALL comes together...I like it when it does as it makes things flo smoothly....onto the canvas. Trees, Flowers, Rocks & water....all things I like to paint. My teacher, Marsha Bell, from Oroville, Wa says she likes the trees too and overall feeling.

This is an ACRYLIC painting, just like all the other I have done so far. I will try some oils as everyone says it "moves" differently on the canvas.
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