Sunday, November 21, 2010

Friends of the Library - Art Gala in Oroville, Wa.

So you want to know about my weekend in Oroville, Wa. Many people have asked to see the photos and hear the stories. ok....I'll fill you in on the details. I had 3 months to paint. As you guessed, I procrastinated till the very end....and had only 4 days till the show. So, one night about 11pm, I got out my acrylics and told my hubby, see ya in the AM when you get I will most likely be up ALL night painting.  Most pieces take me 8-12 hours to create...this one just came outta nowhere....BAM- 2 hours!

Ellie Braman has been working on the "friends of the Library" fundraising for many years and she is the town go-getter, so click the link above to see more on the event.  All the Artists were given the same 5x7 color photograph to do a painting or something. We were given "creative liscence" to do whatever we wanted, but it had to be of that photo. As you can imagine, all 15 entries turned in were COMPLETELY..... and TOTALLY different. All Creative and wonderful.

We expected about 40 people, but were thrilled when we had 70 people in the room enjoying the art. $5.00 donations were taken at the door, and ballots were given for a "people's choice" award and picking the next picture for the next event. A large chocolate fountain with different fruits, doughnuts, and pretzels around it, stood in the gathering area and was enjoyed by all. There are some really talented artists in the community, of which only about 1/2 came out and participated in this event. Each artist was invited to come forward and talk for a few minutes about their piece that night, which made for a great summary of each artists journey.
We picked the next piece, and Ellie is hard at work getting all the details ready to do it again, soon. Count me in!...Wa-hoooooooooooooo.


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